AVG Anti-Virus Free 2015 Build 5645 x64 | 169.12 MB
I would like to offer you to get acquainted with a completely free and quite popular Antivirus, which is suitable for home users just fine, though it weighs quite a lot, but I hope this does not scare you much. The manufacturer guarantees that you will always be in a very short time to get the latest virus database, as the program is very easy to use, so do not consume many system resources as third-party development in this area. AVG Anti-Virus Free has a lot of components, such as built-in scanner, monitor, scanner, your e-mail address (because often we send viruses), a module for automatic update their antivirus databases.

It should be noted that I am completely calm installed the program if the system Kaspersky, he did not even make a sound, well-treated, probably just understanding, worked two parallel product yet to take screenshots, no problems with it was not.
AVG Anti-Virus during the opening of any file or folder scanning carried out in parallel, so you will always be protected from all sorts of threats, mail scanner is also very pleasant and comfortable, and the process of scanning your computer for viruses, you can configure the time, for example, so that it is automatically started at night and did not interfere with your work day, of course infected files Antivirus can be treated, but in general, and all.